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                                                                                                                        2015 Crusader Walk

2016 HSA Crusader Walk

Since switching from the traditional sales-type fundraisers just four years ago, we have raised $150,000 for St. Columbkille Catholic School!  The donations from last year were used to purchase new computer equipment and technology; fund both the music and reading programs as well as textbook adoption, and classroom/staff enrichment.

Students attended an assembly on August 25th detailing our 2016 Walk-A-Thon.  The top prize is a day off of school (Monday, November 28th) if our $40,000 goal is reached.  Please visit the HSA page of the school web site to view all prize levels.

Our main fundraiser of the year, recently dubbed the “Crusader Walk”, attempts to put into practice the school's mission statement, “To grow in spirit, mind and body as disciples of Christ”.  Students grow their minds by preparing letters requesting financial contributions for the Walk-A-Thon (scheduled for Friday, October 14).  During the walk, students pray the Rosary, allowing them to exercise both their bodies and spirits.

Students prepare the donation request letters at school, so all you need to do is provide the addresses.  Included in the information packet received at the assembly is one sheet of mailing labels for each of your children.  Use the first mailing label (upper left) to designate your child's name and homeroom. Then, fill the remaining labels with addresses of your friends and family whom you would normally contact to support your child's fundraiser.  A mailing label template can be downloaded here if you choose to print the addresses on your computer.  Handwritten labels are also acceptable, as long as they are legible and contain a valid zip code.

Your children will be given class time to address their letters.  Younger students will be assisted by their Mass buddies, so it may be helpful for them to know what Grandma & Grandpa's “real” names are.  (Feel free to use blank labels to designate those relationships.)  The HSA will purchase postage once the letters are ready to mail.

If you have more than one child in school, we ask that you divide your contact list so that:

  • Each child has an opportunity to personalize a donation letter.  Since the children will be preparing the letters in the classroom, siblings will not be able to share a sheet of labels.
  • Only one donation letter is sent to each address (for example, please don't have each sibling send a letter to Grandma or Aunt Karen).  It will state in the letter to the donor that, although only signed by one child, the request is from the entire family.

The completed mailing labels need to be turned into your child's teacher by Friday, September 9.  The class with the most number of labels submitted will receive a special treat (details to follow).

For your family's contribution, please click here to make an online donation or complete and return the sample request letter with a check (made out to the HSA) and send to school with your child. 

When we've reached $20,000 in donations, your child will receive a free spirit shirt, compliments of the HSA.


Thank you for supporting our fund raising efforts.  We only achieve success with your participation!
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