HSA Flower Sale

Flower pick up is May 8, 2020 from 10:30-3:00.
South Jefferson Parking Lot (5th & Jefferson)

Order forms may be returned to the school office OR parish office by April 9th.
You may leave paper forms with payment in the drop box outside the doors.
You may also submit orders online and pay with PayPal by
clicking the online order form button below. Thank you!



2020 was a record-breaking year for the home and garden industry. Due to the pandemic, many people chose to invest their time and energy in their yards and homes. We were notified by our suppliers that 2021 is expected to be the same, and that plant supplies will be very tight. We pre-booked our flower order based on what was sold last year, and placed limits on the items so that we don't oversell. Also, many of our usual varieties were already sold out in January, so you will see a few different varieties. Single pot plants may come in 3.5" or 4", and are priced accordingly. Due to the limited amount of room on the order form, we were not able to show everything offered. Check out the online order form for a full listing. There will be very few, if any extras, so if you would like to order, don't wait!

Hanging Baskets - 12"

$25 each. Quantites are limited. Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis!


Mixmaster Berry Basket
Calibrachoa Cabaret® White
Petunia Sun Spun® Burgundy
Verbena Burgundy Wink

Mixmaster Heartland
Lobelia Early Springs™ Sky Blue
Petunia Sun Spun® White
Verbena Firehouse™ Red

Mixmaster Eye Caramba
Petunia ColorBlitz™ Bluerific,
Verbena Aztec® Violet Wink,
Calibrachoa Cabaret® White

Peach of My Heart
Calibrachoa Cabaret® Deep Yellow Impatiens SunPatiens® Compact Orange SOLD OUT!
Verbena EnduraScape™ Blue

Impatiens Super Elfin
XP Hot Mix (shade)
A traditional shade plant that is a low-maintenance, must-have plant for shade gardens.

Other baskets available:

  • Dragon Wing Red Begonia (part shade/part sun)
  • Coleus Mix (part shade/part sun)
  • Angelonia AngelMist Mix (full sun)

(Sorry, images not available. Online order form only.)

Flowers - Six Pack ($3.25/six pack)

All varieties are full sun unless otherwise noted.

Alyssum - Lavender Shades

Begonia - Bronze Leaf Scarlet

Begonia - Bronze Leaf White

Begonia - Bronze Leaf Mix

Begonia - Green Leaf Rose

Begonia - Green Leaf Scarlet

Begonia - Green Leaf Mix

Celosia - Glorious Mix

Coleus - Wizard Series
Jade Almost Gone

Coleus - Wizard Series

 Coronet Strawberry

 Ideal Select Mix

Dusty Miller


Kiss Mix

Impatiens Sold Out!
Beacon Bright Red


Impatiens (shade)
Beacon Orange

Impatiens Sold Out!
Dazzler Voodoo Too Mix

French Marigold
Bonanza Deep Orange

French Marigold
Bonanza Yellow

French Marigold
Bonanza Mix

Dreams Mix

Petunia - Madness Series
Merlot Mix


Portulaca (Sold Out!)
Happy Hour Mix


Portulaca Sold Out!
Happy Hour Rosita

Vista Red

Victoria Blue

Torenia - Sold Out!
Kauai Deep Blue

Torenia -Almost Gone!
Kauai Lemon Drop

Vinca - Pacifica Series
Really Red - Sold out!

Vinca - Pacifica Series
XP Mix

Zinnia Sold Out!
Profusion Double Fire

Zinnia Sold Out!
Dreamland Mix

Zinnia - Sold out!
State Fair Mix


Pepper - California Wonder
3.5" Single: $2.25 


Pepper - Jalapeno
3.5" Single: $2.25

Pepper - Habanero
3.5" Single: $2.25

Tomato - Celebrity
3.5" Single: $2.25


Tomato - La Roma
Single 3.5"  $2.25

Tomato - Cherry Bomb
Single 4"  $2.50


Cucumber - Diva
 4" Single: $2.50

Cucumber - Unagi
Single 4" - $2.50

Flowers for containers and patio pots!

Use these flowers to create your own beautiful creation! Sold in single 4" cells.

They are $3.50 each except Purple Fountain Grass which comes in a 1 Gallon Container and is $9.00.
To create your own patio pot, use a combination of a thriller, a filler, and a spiller!

Possible Combinations:

  • Dark Blue Lobelia, Red Verbena, Spike Plant
  • Bubblegum Petunia, Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Spike Plant
  • Archangel Angelonia, New Gold Lantana, Red Verbena
  • Purple Fountain Grass, Margarite Potato Vine, Red Verbena
  • Blackie Potato Vine, Archangel Angelonia, Blue Verbena
  • Red Head Coleus, Margarite Potato Vine, Archangel Angelonia

Quantities will vary depending on your pot size. Keep in mind that potato vine is very aggressive.

Example only. Flowers shown:
Bubblegum Petunia, Dark Blue Verbena,
Spike Plant, Euphoric White Euphorbia





Potato Vine - Margarite

Potato Vine - Blackie

Coleus - Wasabi

Coleus - Redhead

Verbena -Superbena Coral Red

Verbena - Superbena Dark Blue

Petunia - Vista Bubblegum

Blue Lobelia

Lantana - New Gold

Lantana - Dallas Red

Spike Plant

Purple Fountain Grass

Euphoric White Euphorbia
(Baby's Breath)



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