HSA Flower Sale

Flower pick up is May 12, 2018 from 10:30-3:00 in the





Hanging Baskets - 12"

$22 each. Quantites are limited. Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis!


Mixmaster Big Flirt
Petunia ColorRush™ Blue, Verbena EnduraScape™ Pink Bicolor, Petchoa SuperCal® Pink Ice

Mixmaster Heartland
Petunia Sun Spun White, Verbena Aztec Dark Red, Lobelia Hot Springs Sky Blue

Mixmaster Circus Parade
Sunbeam Bidens, Waterfall Blue Lobelia and Aztec™ Red Velvet Verbena

Mixmaster Flower Child
Petunia Sun Spun Burgundy, Verbena Aztec White, Lobelia Hot Springs Sky Blue

Mixmaster Eye Caramba
Petunia ColorBlitz™ Bluerific, Verbena Aztec® Violet Wink, Calibrachoa Cabaret® White



Flower & Vegetables - Six Pack ($3.00/six pack)

Ageratum - Blue

Alyssum - White or Violet

Begonia - Green Leaf Rose

Begonia - Bronze Leaf Rose

Begonia - Green Leaf Red

Begonia - Bronze Leaf Scarlet

Begonia - Green Leaf Mix

Begonia - Bronze Leaf Mix

Coleus - Wizard Series

Coleus - Wizard Series

Dusty Miller


New Day Red Stripe

New Day Yellow


Pink, Red, or Mix

Yellow or Orange

Petunia - Madness Series
Midnight, Pink, Red, or White

Red Flare

Victoria Blue

Snapdragon - Snapshot Series
Citrus Mix

Snapdragon - Snapshot Series
Merlot Mix

Vinca - Titan Series
Dark Red, Rose, or Mix

Zinnia - Profusion Series
Cherry, Orange, or Mix

Pepper - California Wonder
4-pack $2.50

Pepper - Jalapeno
4-pack $2.50

Tomato - Better Boy
4-pack $2.50

Tomato - Sweet 100
Single 4"  $2.50

Tomato - Roma
4-pack $2.50


Flowers for containers and patio pots!

Use these flowers to create your own beautiful creation! Sold in single 3.5" cells.

They are $3.00 each except Purple Fountain Grass which comes in a 1 Gallon Container and is $9.00.

Possible Combinations:

  • Dark Blue Lobelia, Red Verbena, Spike Plant
  • Bandana Cherry Sunrise Lantana, Blue Verbena, Spike Plant
  • Archangel Angelonia, New Gold Lantana, Red Verbena
  • Purple Fountain Grass, Margarite Potato Vine, Red Verbena
  • Blackie Potato Vine, Archangel Angelonia, Blue Verbena
  • Red Head Coleus, Margarite Potato Vine, Archangel Angelonia

Quantities will vary depending on your pot size. Keep in mind that potato vine is very aggressive.

Example only. Your flowers will vary.




Potato Vine - Margarite

Potato Vine - Blackie

Coleus - Wasabi

Coleus - Redhead

Verbena -Superbena Coral Red

Verbena - Superbena Dark Blue

Angelonia - Archangel Purple

Blue Lobelia

Lantana - New Gold

Lantana - Bandana Cherry Sunrise

Spike Plant

Purple Fountain Grass


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