Why choose St Columbkille?

St. Columbkille Catholic School offers a good, sound academic program, but so do many public schools. So why choose us? While the answer seems easy and simple, it signifies a difference so profound that we think just by the fact that you are reading this right now, you know the reason deep in your heart.

Our mission statement reads, “Growing in Spirit, Mind, and Body as Disciples of Christ.” This is the mission of the school. This is what we want for your child. This is the basis of how we schedule your child’s day and his or her entire school year. This was the Great Commission that Christ left us with right before he ascended into heaven.

At St. Columbkille Catholic School your child will attend mass twice a week. Your child will pray at school everyday. Your child will receive comprehensive instruction in the Catholic Faith by licensed teachers. Your child will receive instruction and preparation for the sacraments as he or she prepares to receive them. In addition to these activities, there are so many more that are just integrated into the day in such a way that it would be nearly impossible to list them.

Your child spends many hours in school. School has a great impact on his or her growth and development. In this day and age, it is more important than ever to make sure our children are in safe, nurturing, and spiritually healthy environments during those critical formative years. And that is why hundreds of parents choose to send their children St. Columbkille Catholic School.

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